Vanguard Appraisals, Inc A Vision for the Future

Appraisal Services

Vanguard is a full service company. Not only because we provide a wide range of appraisal products and services for assessors, but because we see all the projects through completion - and complete customer satisfaction.

  • Complete Mass Appraisal Services

    We understand timelines are critical. You've got deadlines, and you don't want excuses. Our complete mass appraisal service is just that...complete. Our projects are done on time, with efficiency and just as important, accuracy. Put years of Vanguard experience to work on your next reappraisal.

  • Property Review

    When your data is up-to-date but you just don't have the time to set the final values. We have the expertise to help you complete the project; whether it is residential, commercial or industrial.

  • Annual Service

    Probably one of the most cost-effective services we provide is annual service maintenance. We provide you with experienced field appraisers to pick up the pace so you can meet your assessment deadline. Consider this service if: you have a larger than usual number of new structures; experienced employees leave or become unavailable; you have a one-of-a-kind property; hiring new personnel is not an option; or if you just need advice.

  • M.A.S.S. - Mass Appraisal Support Services

    Some people have the ability, the time and the personnel; they just don't have a plan. How do I get started? What comes first? Have I considered all the possibilities? That's where we can help. We have been organizing appraisal projects of all kinds since 1968, so M.A.S.S. comes naturally to us.