Vanguard Appraisals, Inc A Vision for the Future

  • Pictometry

    2012 Recipient: Pictometry

    for Aerial Imagery Oblique Photography Integration

  • Tyler Technologies/Incode-CMS

    2008 Recipient: Tyler/Incode-CMS

    for Tax Administration and Personal Property Integration

  • MidlandGIS Homepage

    2007 Recipient: MidlandGIS

    for GIS Integration

  • sidwell

    2006, 2004 Recipient: Sidwell

    for Advanced GIS Interactive Integration

  • 2005 Recipient: ProMap

    for GIS Integration

Vanguard Technology Partnership Program

In today's fast paced world, companies need allies who are focused on mutual goals and direction. This award is presented to a single company each year which we feel has demonstrated how working together can make a large difference in the assessment community.

By entering the Vanguard Technology Partnership Program, your company will have access to tools, software developers, and benefits that are aimed at increasing the awareness of your applications and benefits to a large community of assessors.

Application Form (PDF document)


  • Partners must continually keep their software up-to-date with emerging technologies.
  • Integration of your software with the latest version of CAMAvision® products.
  • Maintain a corporate website.
  • Provide access to software developers when integrating technologies between systems.
  • Host a web link to back to
  • Mention support for Vanguard CAMAvision® products in corporate publications.
  • Provide Vanguard with a copy of all product literature, press releases and advertisements.
  • Demonstrate interconnectivity and/or benefits of your products as they relate to CAMAvision® products.
  • Will your company sign a standard vendor agreement? (View sample) requires acrobat

Benefits of the Program

  • Working towards a common goal reduces unnecessary cross-programming and development.
  • Companies can focus on what they do best.
  • Access to Vanguard technology, tools, and software developers.
  • Mutual advertising and user demonstrations promote both companies.