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CAMAvision® Residential

  • This pricing module will value single-family or multi-family residences, as well as manufactured homes. It is typically used in conjunction with the Sketch, PhotoVision and Comparable Search modules.

    • Building pricing on-the-fly
    • One hundred residential buildings allowed per parcel
    • Thirty additions per residential building allowed
    • Attached or detached garages, carports and basements stalls can be added to each building
    • Link sketch area calculations to residential square-foot areas for easy data entry and maintenance
    • Duplicate button for quick, one-click copy/paste of a building
    • Multiple porches, decks, patios, veneer, and fireplaces for each building
    • Built-in Grading Guide
    • "Quick Tips" to aid data entry, giving the user immediate feedback about the boundaries of a field or what constitutes valid data for a given pricing type.
    • Customizable tables for the user
    • And more...

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