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  • Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why CAMAvision® allows you to attach digital images to parcels using the PhotoVision module. Perhaps one photo isn't enough. That's fine, since PhotoVision lets you attach any number of images to each parcel.

    Photographs can be imported from a variety of standard formats. You can even copy images out of your word-processing documents and paste directly into PhotoVision. All reports within CAMAvision, that print parcel detail information, support the printing of your photos.

    • Unlimited number of photos per parcel
    • Built-in tools to cut, crop, rotate, resize and adjust photos
    • Export photos for use in other applications
    • Change order of photos using the Reorder tool
    • Add notes and date taken for reference
    • Automatic conversion and resizing of raster images to JPEG for uniform storage of images
    • Support for TIFF image types for simple document storage
    • Batch importing to quickly attach images to many parcels at one time
    • Document management and storage (DMS), via the Proversion license
    • And much more...

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